Don’t Be Afraid to Show You’re Human

Sometimes in business, we forget about the people who got us to where we are. It’s unintentional, but we let our to do’s overwhelm us and the “little people” that made “this” possible, become even smaller. So, take some time to add your fans in your to do list. Here are some suggestions:
1) Thank your fans for their replies and for sharing their opinions with you. 
2) From time to time, talk about things other than your products. Wish them happy holidays. Ask them fun questions or to share their personal stories.
3) If you make a mistake — admit it. Everyone knows you are human, and no one expects you to be perfect. You will actually score points for admitting that instead of trying to hide it.
4) Don’t be afraid of negative comments or people posting on sensitive topics. You’ll find that most of the time your fans will jump in and defend you or address these comments for you. And that carries much more weight than you trying to chime in. At the end of the day, this is your opportunity to turn haters into loyalists by providing timely responses and great customer service.
Your fans will appreciate you even more, and when you feel the love…you’ll feel very rewarded too. 
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