Domino Effect

I cannot wait to get home and share the incredible things I’ve seen and learned on this trip. I was able to make my usual stop at a local craft store here in IA, where I always seem to find the most beautiful pieces for my jewelry.

I can’t wait to get home and start working with them 🙂

I have to say, people here in IA, Mediapolis to be exact, have a sense of community, unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Things that I thought I had lived and seen, and even done when it came to helping someone else out…well, the actions I’ve seen this week, most definitely go beyond words. The things I’ve seen people do and how they’ve come together to accomplish it…amazing!

It confirms, in my mind, that good can be done to others and through others. The domino effect involved in giving and doing for other people, especially when it’s for someone close to you, is remarkable!

My heart has been smiling all week.

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