Does luck really exist?

In past generations, success was synonymous with hard work. In today’s consumer and glamour society, faith in luck has replaced faith in hard work and religion. One function that both luck and religion share is that both give hope. 
Nevertheless, empowering one’s self and being more active so as to generate one’s own “luck” is better than just waiting to get lucky. 
First of all, what is luck? And why do some people consider themselves as lucky while others feel unlucky.  

Meeting the director of company seeking someone with your profile at a dinner and getting the job of your dreams could be defined as a lucky event. Then again, not necessarily. Students getting results from their exams often attribute their success to luck, while others attribute it to the fact they studied well and therefore empower themselves by taking credit for their work. 

Confident people tend to attribute success to themselves and failure to bad luck or themselves. This is empowering and builds self-esteem. Others who attribute success to luck and failure to themselves will wait for luck to guide them and will eventually become insecure as they rarely take credit for their successes. 

Being “lucky” or “unlucky” is also a question of perspective, someone having experienced a serious car accident can see the situation as “unlucky” after braking an arm, completely destroying their brand new car they bought with a loan the week before. On the other hand, this same person could say, “I’m very lucky to be here.” 
Therefore, in addition to being open and interactive, being able to detect opportunities is also a competitive advantage. Thus, one can say that being “lucky” is determined by your state of mind and the way you engage the world. 

What does positive thinking have to do with “luck” then?
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  • V, an excellent post. Having been a Careers Counsellor for 15+ years, I've determined that 'luck' is most definitely a state of mind… it's how you interact with the world around you and engage with people, that encourages the world to open up for you. Monique xx

  • I completely share your thoughts. Sometime people get stuck in their "unlucky" state and don't realize that they have the ABSOLUTE power to change that.

  • I don't believe in luck. I believe in positive thinking which leads to positive actions and those become positive results. It's a state of mind, we are our thoughts, and our actions show others who we are.

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