The Difference Between Hero, Hub, and Hygiene Content + When to Use Each

The joys of Content Marketing! They truly are a joy and when you plan your overall marketing strategy, it is very  helpful to think about how you will approach each one of the three content types Hero, Hub, Hygiene.


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1. Hero Content

Hero content typically centers around big, tent-pole events. For instance, your company may plan to launch a new product this year, and you plan to develop content specifically for that product launch, like for instance a special page on your site, and an announcement on your homepage. Other big events you may be planning could be: Live-stream event, a large annual conference, the launch of a new TV campaign, a contest you organize, etc. All of these events would mean a special effort in building content. Here’s an example.


2. Hub Content:

This is content you plan to publish on a regular basis. It is also referred to as “push content”, i.e. content that you ‘push’ out there because you believe it could be of interest to your customers. You want this content to be engaging and helpful for your customers. This could be content you publish in your blog, but it could also be videos you create for your Youtube channel. It is a good idea to think about the different themes that will appeal to your customers. Ask yourself questions, such as: what interests them, what would they like to hear about? Here’s an example.


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3. Hygiene Content

Hygiene content is content that tries to address a question your potential customers may have. If you are in a good position to answer that question you can create a piece of content that does exactly that. It may be content that you host on your blog, or on your Youtube channel or on your website. This type of content you create on a very regular basis, and in some cases you will do it to react to trends you see in the marketplace. Demos, troubleshooting and how-to content are popular forms of hygiene content. You can access an example of hygiene conte here.


Putting it all together in your content marketing strategy

When you think about your company’s content marketing strategy, it is a good idea to put a plan together that lists the different types of content you plan on using and the direction you think they can take. Note that Youtube originally came up with the Hero, Hub, Hygiene content categorization. They describe it in detail in their Creator Playbook for Brands.

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