The Difference Between Boosting Posts vs. Creating Ads on Facebook


With all the changes that Facebook has made, how will your business cut through the noise?

Facebook sponsored posts are promoted posts that receive additional paid reach. Simply put, users have the option of boosting a post or creating an ad: boosting increases the chances a post will be seen by followers (increasing loyalty), while news feed ads target users based on select criteria, external from followers (increasing leads).

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So, why sponsor ads on Facebook when you can post for free?

If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing you already know organic posts won’t get you very far in Facebook’s world. And you’re right to think that—unless you’ve got 50K+ fans, achieving favorable marketing outcomes through organic content in a 1.6B user world is well, challenging to say the least. Based on Facebook’s current algorithms, organic reach has plummeted over recent years to the point where 50 million businesses are posting 1.5 times per day, reaching an average of 2% of their audience. It’s that bad.

But honestly, should we be surprised? As the world’s largest social network, it was simply a matter of time until Facebook turned to a Pay-to-Play model resulting in paid advertising on the social network giant. But before you start cursing this whole situation out, I happen to believe that Facebook provides the best advertising platform on the web. It just has it all.

Advertising on Facebook requires a solid ROI strategy

Am I saying you should go create a Facebook sponsored ad for each piece of your content or boost twice a day? Of course not, you’ll run out of budget in no time without much to show for it. Like anything, you need a strategy when tackling Facebook paid advertising. Depending on what your goals are, put money on posts that have measurable ROI, for example: lead capture, promotions, contests and cornerstone content.

Also, only and always promote your own content. Even if it’s great material and relates to your business, don’t pay to send traffic to someone else’s website.

So…which Facebook paid advertising delivery method works best, Facebook boosts or Facebook sponsored ads?

What are Facebook boosted posts?

Facebook boosted posts are promoted posts that appear higher on news feeds, giving a post a higher chance that friends and followers will see it. While boosted posts can be targeted by location, interest, age and gender, more advanced targeting options is reserved for ads on Facebook.

What are Facebook news feed ads?

Facebook news feed ads are sponsored ads that appear right on the news feed of readers. Newsfeed ads denoted “sponsored” directly underneath the company’s name on the post.

News feed ads live in Facebook Ads Manager (or Power Editor). Creating a Facebook sponsored ads is more involved than boosting posts, but you may see a higher ROI.

With news feed ads, you are able to set a specific objective that directly aligns to your marketing goals. You can choose from 12 objectives from three different categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

Notice how these three categories represent different areas of the sales and marketing funnel:

  • Awareness: for boosting posts, promoting a Facebook page, targeting people near the business’s location and increasing brand awareness
  • Consideration: to send people to a website, getting app installs, increase event attendance or get views on videos and collect business leads
  • Conversion: for increasing website conversions, engagement to an app, or to have an offer claimed

By now,  you’ve probably come to the conclusion that Facebook news feed ads have a lot more power and are focused on ROI—especially seeing how there’s no price difference between the two formats.

Boosted posts do have a place—if you are looking for a fast and convenient way to create awareness and drive profile traffic, then go for it, especially if you want to hit existing fans/customers. It will take you five minutes to start raking in thousands of impressions for as little as $5.00.

If you are looking to achieve tangible marketing results, however, like capturing leads and driving revenue, then your money shound be on sponsored news feed ads.

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