Despite Motherhood, 5 Tips to Remind You that You are Still a Woman

Our children come first, but sometimes we take that phrase way to literally and forget about ourselves. We put ourselves out there in a way that is not at all aligned with who we really are.

Here are 5 tips that will remind you that you too, need some TLC:

1) Take a few minutes to comb/brush out your hair. Do it while you are making faces at your baby. 

2) You are a mom, but you are still a woman. So take five minutes to freshen yourself up. It can help you feel better and make you a better mom.

3) Get dressed first. With all the rush of getting the kids ready, packing diaper bags, etc. it’s easy to forget mom.

4) Make time for yourself. Whatever you used to do before you had kids, try making time for the activities that make you happy. Joining a community like Mom Gets a Life” can also help.

5) Get away. Take mini vacations or dates with hubby that will give you a chance to reenergize and come back fresh and ready to be a mom. No excuses. Get a babysitter, and relax when you get overwhelmed. 

When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your family.

Tell me, how are you caring for yourself?

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  • Thanks for this great reminder. Even us moms with teens and tweens forget we still matter! Love this!

  • We can't forget Niccole 😉 …and if we do, there are many other moms avidly giving support to one another.

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