Defining Your Target Audience (Part 3)

After defining your business and your business goals, you need to define who you’ll need to attract to keep the business going.
Of course, these people are, your clients. So, who is your ideal client? 
Both how a brand is designed visually and how it is presented professionally will lean towards a certain type of person.
This person should be someone you’d like to work with, as well as the type of person that will help your brand grow.
When you feel ready to start on a logo design, wait one more second and get prepared for the visual aspect of the brand-to-be.
Below are some questions to ask yourself about your target audience before jumping into the design phase of your brand.
1) What is your design style?
2) To What Level Are you Willing to Help and Communicate?
3) Do you want to attract a client that knows nothing about what you sell, in which you will be responsible for providing information? 
4) What work would you like to be responsible for? Many of us don’t like all the work that comes from managing a business. Outsource what you know you aren’t capable of handling. This way, you will save money, time, service your clients adequately, AND you can stick to what you love to do.
Define it on Paper
After asking these questions and researching a bit more, write out your target audience in a list.
The more detailed the description, the more success you’ll have once it’s time to start the design process of the brand. These two articles could help you with your research when it comes to defining your target market.
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