Clothes You Can Live In!

Fashion lover, yes. Shoe lover, ABSOLUTELY! Handbag connoisseur…let’s not even go there, as I’d like to stay married (If you know what I am sayin’ 🙂
I, over the years, have collected shoes, bags, accessories, makeup… and then I had kids. Sweatpants and pj’s took on a whole new meaning. All of a sudden they became my IT pieces to lounge around the house in, work in, go run errands in…sleep in. You know what I mean because I know I am not alone here.
When you’re running around with a toddler and a baby….the last thing on your mind are 4” heels.
Yet my approach to clothing had not changed post the kiddos. 

I continue to invest in the basics, in order to be able to mix and match pieces…and then spice things up with accessories. 

What did change was how much I craved comfort with style. I was not going to give into frumpy sweats!
Insert Wendy Manasse and her clothing line Quenchwear here. Her third baby, after years of designing for the ‘perfect body’, she went out on her own. She was determined to design for the real woman. She chose the highest-quality fabric she could find, with just the right amount of stretch to skim the body (instead of cutting into it)… and oh, so comfortable!
She took notes from her multitasking friends: drop off kids at school, morning work out, run to a business meeting or help out at your kid’s school, then hit happy hour with the girls or have dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant, and then snuggle up at home with your honey or great book.
The result: Quenchwear. Universal pieces that will take you from the gym to well, anywhere and everywhere!  Plus, you won’t look like you broke a sweat or rolled out of bed in them! I promise!
She then added all the “under the hood” stuff: ruching, built-in bras and panties, and other little goodies to help you look your best! 
Say what?!?!?!?!?
I know. Genius! So Chica, whatever you’re doing, in your ever evolving body and lifestyle, Quenchwear is her solution for looking and feeling great. PJ feeling, chic looking comfort gear you can LIVE in… I am so there!

Keeping it Real Chicas: I only recommend or review products/services that I find are an appropriate fit to my readers. This post is sponsored by Quenchwear.
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