Chicas: Meet Sheevaun Moran

I could not keep this interview short…it is  that powerful!

Success Beyond Reason -Transformation- Clarity- Solutions- Results- Miracles

Have you ever wondered why these things even happen? Or why you get sick, constantly? As a mom, are you aware of how your energy affects your child?
Energy is everything and it is the vision and mission to help you reclaim your vital, vibrant and vivacious energy.
As a visionary and mystic in pursuit of a new way to dissolve obstacles, health challenges and financial freedom, Sheevaun Moran has developed a technology to get you back on track and tap into the vast resources to make it all happen. Sheevaun is a highly regarded speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. Over 20 years working with subtle energy Sheevaun is an expert and adept teacher sharing its application in life to our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, and finances. She believes that through the use of energy you are fully empowered to achieve and succeed with new awareness and clarity.
I have watched this interview several times. It is that good! Give yourself permission to indulge in your well being. Watch here.


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