Chicas: Meet Shasta Nelson, Author and Speaker

When it comes to our friendships—relationships that will outweigh in quantity the number of kids and spouses most of us will have—we tend to take a much more laidback approach.
We hope we’ll meet the right women, at the right time, and that we’ll both know the right way to act.
Unfortunately, “Friendships Don’t Just Happen!” This is the title of Shasta Nelson’s book, the founder of
“Friendships are central to everything I do,” she says. People are seeking healthier and more meaningful relationships. Connecting, belonging…is a need we all crave. Shasta speaks about how belonging has to include acceptance, forgiveness, and vulnerability.
In this interview we talk about friendships, but specifically how understanding how they affect our lives, can in fact, as she says, “the more I study and teach about healthy relationships, the more I realize that this is a topic that not only can save our personal lives, but could very well be the thing that transforms the world.”
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