Chicas: Meet Robyn Hatcher

Are you afraid of yourself?  
Stage fright is one of those things that haunts me still. 
As much as I speak in groups and am constantly putting myself ‘out there’… honestly, having the courage to speak in front of a large crowd is one of the things I work on everyday but avoid if I can. 
Helping people deal with those fears is what this Chica, whom I met several years ago, does. She’s one of those people that you simply stop yourself to listen to.
Robyn Hatcher says “I was one of the shyest people on the planet for many years. In fact, “Shy” was my nickname till I went to high school…But having grown up afraid to communicate taught me a lot about the subtle art of communication.”

As the Founder of she uses her extensive experience to create innovative material and bring out the dynamism in every person she coaches. Her warm, humanistic approach and passion for her work encourages learners to push through their fears and into their greatness.

If you’ve ever thought of yourself as shy, have been afraid to spread your message…watch this incredibly powerful interview.

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