Chicas: Meet Patty Lennon
I’ve talk about this very topic a lot. In fact, it was what drove to start my business 3 1/2 years ago. The concept of losing yourself to motherhood and why it only holds unhappiness, not only for you, for your family too.
While, I’m encouraging you to put self care on your priority list and go get a manicure (that’s awesome too), I want you to REALLY look inside yourself and find out why you mom are stressed out, frazzled, ticked off at the world…unhappy.
I met Patty Lennon several years ago. It was AWESOME to finally connect with another mom-preneur who let me unload, authentically, about how I felt about motherhood. It’s a touchy subject…yes, the one where you actually admit that there are days you feel like you just want to check out.
She’s on a mission to change this. If you are a mom and you are ready to put yourself back on your to-do list then you must check out her site Mom Gets A Life. You will find many opportunities to RELAX, RECONNECT & REINVENT!
Patty says, “As moms we are often driven to pursue definitions of what a good mother looks like to the point that we completely lose ourselves in the process…One day I woke up and flat out resented being a mother. And just acknowledging that gave me an overwhelming sense of guilt but it also gave me a little breath of freedom – the freedom that comes with truth.”
Betty Crocker, June Cleaver…excuse us while we get real here.
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