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What are the chances of meeting a fellow Dominican transplant, who happens to be an entrepreneur, a blogger, a creative, a mother of 3 and who connects to you through ETTWomen? Serendipity Chicas, and yes…the universe delivering on its promise: What you put out, comes back to you.

Those are all things that excite me about my connection with Mayra Betances and she’s also a woman after my entrepreneurial heart: She’s a woman rising, determined to live her dreams! A true C.H.I.C.A.!


I recently sat down with Mayra where we discussed life, business, motherhood and everything in between!

Check out her CHICA Interview below:

1. What are you passionate about?

I want to say I’m passionate about whatever peeks my interest. When something does, I give it my all and I become consumed by it. However, these are vague and broad views. There is a trend to my interests and that is learning, sharing and helping those who I see are seeking to know more as well. I’m passionate about my goals -whichever that may be at the time. Overall, I have a passion for art and people’s eagerness to grow. I’m passionate about antique, vintage decor, history and new ideas that bring those times to the now…I feed off of that when I create. Passion to me is the drive within something.

2. How do you define beauty?

Honestly, I see beauty as a feeling. The feeling I experience when I gave birth to my 3 rascals, the feeling when I saw my son’s face as he saw me walking with my cap and gown as I was graduating from college; the feeling I get when I see my daughter’s eyes when I picked her up from school on her first day of Pre-k, the feeling my blue-eyed boy gave me when his grades finally showed why he needed his morning pill to help cope with his anxiety. Beauty is the feeling I experience when glue works to perfection when I’m trying out a new card-stock. Beauty to me is joy!

3. What is your one piece of advice for another woman who’s out there pursuing her dreams?

Don’t wait until readiness comes, it might never will…start your process at doing, not at will do. There is always room for adjustment, but while you’re on your the way, accept that doing it alone will only take you as far as you.

Be open to collaboration, and be grateful…and show grace.

Be humble even when you know you are a badass at what you do! And always work with the notion that your idea has already been done…but yours is somehow different. Don’t conform when learning how to improve the process of what you’re creating….reinvent it so that it is your process and yours alone!


Betances is the founder of D&E Papel a stationary, invitation and paper service company. A lover of all things creative and beautiful, Betances is also an art and lifestyle blogger which she publishes weekly on She is also set to become the Chapter Leader of ETTWomen of North Jersey, launching July 1st., 2015!

Connect with Mayra here!

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