CHICA Interview 2: Meet Amanda Concilio

We know that family isn’t necessarily biological. The universe helps us find people in our lives that can forever change the path we’ve been on. Amanda and her family did just that for me.

In this vlog I interview top stylist Amanda Concilio from Bamboo Salon , who represents a family that took me aback when we crossed paths. 

She talks about how their close relationship has not only helped them claim one of the must go to hair salons on Staten Island, but how it has also made everyone who walks in through their doors want to be a part of  the Bamboo community.

Amanda says, “One of the most important things our family has taught me is  how to build strong relationships.” Watch enV CHICA Amanda Concilio here:

You can also learn more about Amanda and Bamboo Salon here:


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  • Fun interview Vanessa! It's great to be surrounded by supportive people – especially when you are a small business owner. Look forward to seeing more!Thea

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