Check Out My “Bad Mom” Interview for the New York Post!

The “Bad Mom” feature published today and I am so grateful for the opportunity to speak about dealing with Postpartum‬ Depression‬, balancing wanting to be a “good mom” and wanting a career!


Some days look like the picture (without the lipstick), others not so much…in the end, I’ll take the craziness over the guilt of missing out on my children’s life, but also missing out on my own.

Hoping this continues the conversation around cutting each other some slack and not trying to ‘out-mom’ another mom.

Personally, ‪‎not sorry‬ I’m not the one who bakes the cookies…ecstatic that there’s always another mom who takes the baking lead (you seriously don’t want my cupcakes ?)!



Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Pizza or cake?” Vanessa Coppes asked her pajama-clad sons. The 38-year-old entrepreneur was working on deadline, and breakfast prep for her 7-year-old and 4-year-old had fallen by the wayside. “People can either say I’m the best or worst mom in the world. I don’t care. What I know is, parenthood is a sloppy, messy dance, and every moment I’m making the choices that are best for all of us, including me. When my first son was born, I tried to do everything ‘right’ and I was miserable,” says Coppes. “I loved my son more than anything, but I missed ‘me.’ I missed dressing up and wearing heels and going out with girlfriends. When my second son was born, I made the decision that I couldn’t lose myself in motherhood. I needed to enjoy work and enjoy my social life to fully enjoy being a mom.”


To read the complete feature online, click HERE!

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