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How many conferences have you attended over your lifetime? I’ve been to hundreds and I can never get enough of them. At a conference, innovative ideas are thrown about and new information is exchanged among experts.

A GREAT conference is one where its purpose is not just to gather professionals, but one that creates a space where change, inspiration and connection thrive!

One summer morning 6 years ago, I woke up with this concept on my heart and called Lynette (my partner at ETTWomen)…every year since, it has been our mission to create this space where women gather to unplug from the busy in their lives and plug into self-care, professional + personal development, and authentic connection.

It’s how we met our conference partner Theodora Sergiou and why we work so hard every year, to bring this to fruition: because it matters.

It matters that women gather to exchange ideas, to validate each other’s wins and losses, and it matters that they spend time nurturing themselves. Our entire world is better because of it!

So, what is ETTWomen’s The Power of Connections Conference?

The Power of Connections Conference brings together entrepreneurs, authors, teachers, artists and visionaries. Our attendees receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, groundbreaking ideas, make deep connections and unique opportunities to change their lives and the lives of others through their business.

Our annual conference teaches the most fabulous personal and professional development ideas that help elevate participants’ lives and businesses. Unlike traditional seminars or conferences, The Power of Connections Conference is positioned as a unique experience for participants.

Who attends each year?

The Power of Connections Conference gathers a Tribe of thought leaders in their respective fields who are committed to constant learning and growth. They appreciate transparent and entertaining presentations focused on business and personal growth that expand their mind, inspire ideas and present concepts that have a positive impact on their lives, their community and the world.

We’ve been fortunate to have had Elizabeth MacLaughlin, Latham Thomas, Jennifer Longmore, Patty Lennon, Mike Michalowicz, Vanessa Freeman, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Jennifer Tuma-Young, Jennifer Bronsnick, Heather Chauvin, Britt Bolnick, Susan Vernicek, Vallori Thomas, Kelly Lynn-Adams, Courtenay Hall, Janine Strafaci, and Lisa Marie Latino. These are just some examples of the fabulous speakers who have shared their stories at The Power of Connections and inspired the lives of hundreds of others in the process.

The Power of Connections Conference is a perfect opportunity to meet new business partners and get your messages and ideas in front of a crowd who is ready to turn up the volume in their lives and business. The quality of attendees is one-of-a-kind. Speakers and attendees form new business opportunities including joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Not to mention, relationships for life.


The Power of Connections, 2019

MARCH 1-3, 2019




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About This Year’s Venue

The Asbury mashes up Asbury Park’s Victorian-era history, rock-n-roll present, and shiny future into a new kind of social hub. Come experience our vibrant bars and hangouts like our renowned rooftop lounge Salvation, the outdoor movie theater Baronet and our lively lobby bar Soundbooth.  There’s something for everyone at The Asbury, whether it’s hanging by the pool, enjoying live music in the lobby, soaking up a sunrise yoga class on Baronet or simply relaxing in your room, this is the new Asbury Park.

The Power of Connections, 2019






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