Ego: Be Aware + Decide to Let Go

One of the hardest things to let go of for some people is their ego. I am not exempt from it. I work on it everyday.

I am sure you can identity when ego is acting up in others: those who always think they are right, who control and those who think and act like they are above other people. There’s been a lot of dialogue lately amongst some of my close colleagues and friends about ‘ego’ and how it affects how we interact with each other.

Yeah, I go there with my friends. If you know me well…you know I am more open to talking about things like these than I am about shoes. (Geez…I know).

Reading some Deepak this morning, I came across an excerpt where he describes the three things the ego is doing all the time:

1) the need to control,

2) the need to be approved, and

3) the need to judge.

He adds, “Be aware of them every time they come up and decide to let them go.”

I know that it may be difficult to do but I have found that  meditation and prayer have  helped me identify when those feelings arise.

When I decided to live what I call a fabulous  life, a life filled with abundance, child like wonder and awareness all while being my perfectly imperfect self I learned that I am constantly evolving, growing, learning from myself and others.

When you decide to go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue…you can reach a state of bliss, joy and yes, live fabulously.

How do you practice awareness? Has your ego held you back? I’d love to hear what you do. Leave me a comment below.


3 Steps to Finding Abundance in Your Life

Do you look at the glass as half way filled or half way empty? If you’re see it empty, you can change the cycle. Here are 3 steps you can take to find abundance in your life:
Step 1: See the world as an abundant, providing, friendly place. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you see the world as abundant and friendly, your intentionsare genuine possibilities. They will become a certainty, because your world will be experienced from a world that provides rather than restricts. You’ll see a world that wants you to be successful and abundant, rather than one that conspires against you.
Step 2: Affirm: I attract success and abundance into my life because that is who I am. This puts you in harmony with your Source. Your goal is to eliminate any distance between what you desire and that from which you pull it into your life. Abundance and success aren’t out there waiting to show up for you. You are already it, and the Source can only provide you with what it is, and, consequently, what you already are.

Step 3: Stay in an attitude of allowing. Resistance is disharmony between your desire for abundance and your beliefs about your ability. Allowing means a perfect alignment. An attitude of allowing means that you ignore efforts by others to dissuade you. It also means that you don’t rely on your pervious ego-oriented beliefs about abundance being a part of or not a part of your life. In an attitude of allowing, all resistance in the form of thoughts of negativity or doubt are replaced with simply knowing that you and your Source are one. Picture the abundance you desire freely flowing directly to you.