Energy Boosting Alternatives to Keep You Going this Busy Holiday Season + Beyond

Loved sharing some #coffee alternatives which deliver a healthier energy boost without the caffeine crash LIVE on @pix11news 📺

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For a very long time, health care experts have suggested that you replace your morning cup of coffee with other drinks that will give you the energy boost you crave. While we know it’s tough to do that, if you know the reason behind it, you’ll think twice before you reach for your next cup of Joe.

1. Honey + lime in warm water. The benefits of each of these three ingredients have been talked about in the ancient medical texts, and are backed by science. This delicious and zesty combination not only perks you up but also does a lot of good for your health:

  • Reduces  inflammation
  • Clears up your skin, detoxifies
  • Helps build immunity so important these days to ward off colds + keep allergies at bay

Capresso rapid boil kettle for faster results.

2. Matcha Latte. Matcha contains the nutrients from the entire tea leaf, which results in a greater amount of caffeine and antioxidants than typically found In green tea.

  • Protects the liver
  • Promotes heart health
  • Aids in weight loss

Roesle Dual speed frother for best results.

3. Turmeric Latte. Turmeric contains Curcumin which is the ingredient filled with health benefits. It’s best to consume it with a meal that’s high in fat. In this case, with a teaspoon of coconut oil to get all the benefits.

  • Aids as an Anti-inflammatory
  • Increases brain function

Capresso automatic milk frother for best results as it heats, mixes and froths milk automatically.

4. OWYN (stands for Only What You Need) offers multiple plant-based protein drinks – one of my faves is its Cold Brew Coffee protein shake. Not only does this taste just like a cold brew with the same amount of caffeine, but it also is SUPER low in sugar (only 5g), provides you with 20g of plant protein with all allergen-friendly ingredients (Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten- and Dairy-Free). PLUS it has superfood greens, and vegan omega-3s. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast!

5. Green, white + black Teas. Studies have found that some teas may help fight cancer, heart disease, and diabetes; encourage weight loss; lower cholesterol; and bring about mental alertness. The Tea Disc is a new type of tea experience, by iLOLA, designed to bring the luxury and eco-consciousness of loose leaf tea to the convenience of your lifestyle. It is the first ever, compact Tea Disc made of artisanal loose leaf tea, pre-portioned and bound with a probiotic cellulose binding for the perfect steep, without the tea bag. The binding contains your daily dose of probiotics that dissolves as the tea leaves and botanicals unfurl in hot water – providing more nourishment for the body, as well as the soil when composted after use.

  • Prevent different types cancers
  • Prevent clogging of the arteries
  • Help burn fat
  • Counteract stress on the brain, reducing risks of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • Reduce risk of stroke
  • Improve cholesterol levels

Capresso iced tea maker as an alternative for hot tea.

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It’s not an attitude of arrogance or pride, but of congruence, you’ll keep loving them but with another perspective, from another level of understanding, understanding and awareness.

It’s the hardest thing you’ll have to do in your life, and it will also be the most important: stop being attached to those who aren’t ready to love you.

Stop having difficult conversations with people who don’t want to change.

Stop showing up for people who are indifferent to your presence.

Stop giving your love and energy to people who aren’t ready to love you back.

I know your instinct is to do everything you can to win the good thanks of everyone you can, but it’s also the drive that will steal your time, energy, and sanity.

When you start showing up for your life completely and completely, with joy, interest and commitment, not everyone is going to be ready to find you there.

That doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. It means you have to distance yourself from people who are not ready to love you.

If you are excluded, subtly insulted, forgotten, or easily ignored by the people you spend the most time with, you are not doing yourself a favor by continuing to offer them your energy and life.

The truth is, you’re not for everyone, and everyone isn’t for you. That’s what makes it so special when you find the few people with whom you have a genuine friendship, love or relationship: you’ll know how precious it is because you’ve experienced what it isn’t.

But the more time you spend trying to force someone to love you when they’re not able, the more time you’ll be depriving yourself of that same connection. He’s waiting for you. There are billions of people on this planet, and a lot of them are going to meet you on their level, with the vibration of where they are, connect with where they are going.

… But the longer you stay engulfed in the familiarity of people who use you as a pillow, a back-up option, a therapist and a strategist for their emotional work, the longer you stay out of the community you crave.

Maybe if you stop showing up, you’ll be less wanted.

Maybe they will forget you completely.

Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship will cease.

Maybe if you stop texting, your phone will stay dark for days and weeks.

Maybe if you stop loving someone, the love between you will dissolve.

That doesn’t mean you ruined a relationship. It means the only thing that sustained a relationship was the energy you and only you put into it. That ain’t love. That’s attachment.

The most precious and important thing you have in your life is your energy. It’s not your time that’s limited, it’s your energy. What you give each day is what will create more and more in your life. What you give your time to is what will define your existence.

When you realize this, you’ll start to understand why you’re so anxious when you spend your time with people who don’t bring you, and in jobs or places or cities that don’t suit you.

You’ll start to realize that the most important thing you can do for your life, for yourself and everyone you meet is to protect your energy more fiercely than anything else.

Make your life a safe haven where only people who can care, listen and connect are allowed.

You’re not responsible for saving people.

It’s not your responsibility to convince them they want to be saved.

It is not your job to show up for people and deliver your life, little by little, moment by moment, because you pity them, because you feel bad, because you “should”, because you are obliged, because, at the root of all this, you are afraid that you do not return the favor.

It’s your job to realize that you are the master or mistress of your destiny, and that you’re accepting the love you think you deserve.

Decide that you deserve real friendship, true commitment, and complete love with people who are healthy and prosperous.

Then wait in the dark, just for a moment….

… And watch how fast it all starts to change.

-Pauline Nguyen


Transitioning Summer Pieces to Fall on PIX 11

Transitioning summer pieces to fall with the help of @novemberroseboutique + @dunejewelry on @pix11news 📺 the BELLA team rocked it! Thank @jennifer.decillis @amandaaringel @taylorfeniello 💛

Look 1: leather shorts, band T, chunky boots/sneakers, puff vest. Accessorize with stacked bracelets.

Look 2: yes! You can wear white all year round. White dress, paired with oversized shirt, boots/sneakers. Accessorize with layered dainty necklaces.

Look 3: halter/sleeves top, wide leg pants, vegan leather brazer. Accessorize with statement earrings.


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Death Grounds You

Why does it take tragedy for us to be transparent + authentic with each other?

With a loss, we question what’s important to us in life.

We reflect on the qualities we admired most about the person we have lost.

We gain mental strength.

Death certainly puts life into perspective + reminds us of our own mortality.

Loss can be the catalyst for new or better decisions, improved relationships, + can motivate us to make the changes we know we should make to live a better, more fulfilled life.

Reminder: Make the most of every moment. Experience all the ups + downs, busy + boring moments.

Appreciate ALL of your senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell. Catch the details of life. See life for what it is, imperfections + all. Death grounds you to what is -the NOW.


Choose Wisely

Consciously choose who your people are. These are the people who will tell you hard truths, who you can depend on, who help you see that your faults aren’t fatal.


Keep it Moving

Conflict, loss, setbacks, and challenges seem abundant these days. For some, it feels like one crazy thing after another.

Adversity is like a punch in the gut. Overcoming hard times is what builds resiliency in us. How quickly we bounce back from life’s blows determines the success and happiness we have in life.

Although sometimes adversity is not easy to come back from, doing hard things is what being a strong person is all about.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

Sometimes, all we need is a soft nudge to continue taking small steps forward. I hope in some way, this one serves you as a reminder to #keepitmoving 💛


Bringing BELLA Latina Magazine Home to Mom

Her reaction is #Priceless 😭 Cuando la verdadera jefa recibe su primera copia impresa de @bellalatinamag 🫶🏽 te adoro mami 💛


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The only constant in life is change. This means that the world is always changing and so are people.

Allow yourself to work harder than you ever have before, get a new perspective, and use this as a chance to start over in a different beat than you previously had.

Changes also bring new opportunities to learn something new, such as taking care of yourself, new hobbies, new ways of doing things, new relationships, and new financial alternatives that can be of use to you in the long run.

Take every change as a new adventure. Because since things are constantly changing, we are continually learning. Here’s to new adventures 🥂


When All Else Fails, Yoga

Yoga has become my haven. With time, I’ve realized that it’s not about being good at the pose. It’s about being good to yourself.


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Happy Friday Chicas 🫶🏽


The Power of Prayer

When you want something with all of your heart, the universe conspires for you to achieve it. I prayed really hard last night. So hard that the tears flowed. My one ask: if what I am doing in my life + businesses are not serving you Lord, please take it all away. Let your will be done, not mine.

All I can attest to is putting everything into His hands. He has never led me astray or from my heart’s desires.

Answered prayers today.

Thank you God 🙌🏽 now off to werk, werk, werk 💛