When Science Proves That Print Isn’t Dead

After 2 years of lockdowns, most of us have grown increasingly dependent on our digital devices. In fact, several Marketing Trends studies found that more than 63% of people believe they will depend on digital technology more than they did before the pandemic -even after it ends.

So, does that digital dependence make print irrelevant? Not by a long shot. While we increasingly use digital communications for person-to-person interactions, some products and experiences just can’t be digitized—and therein lies the value of print marketing.

During these times of uncertainty, people are craving authenticity and a human connectionand print marketing can help make those brand connections in a haptic, memorable way. 

Even science supports the benefit of tangible communication, Haptics researchers have been able to confirm the benefits of touch. 

Whether it’s a magazine ad, direct mail, or even business cards. Print still plays a powerful role in placing your brand in front of your customers.

You shouldn’t leave out print marketing from your marketing campaigns. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Print ads generate a 20% higher motivation response—even more so if it appeals to more senses beyond touch.
  2. Advertising in print drives higher levels of brand recall vs. digital (77% vs. 46%).
  3. Print ads are more trusted by consumers when making purchase decisions. 

While digital connections are on the rise, so is scroll fatigue. Print marketing can provide a welcome and much-needed screen break that seamlessly compliments and strengthens your digital campaigns.

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How Influencers Can Help You Expand Your Reach and Impact

Think back to a major purchasing decision. Maybe you were looking for a new pair of comfortable work shoes or a new eye doctor. Where did you find the information? Who did you ask?

I know you didn’t cold-call DSW . I bet you reached out to people who you know and asked.

People listen to other people first. They will always trust them more.

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People consume branded content, but they first rely on friends, neighbors and online personalities they know, like and trust before making a purchasing decision.

For a brand this is not a problem at all if they are using influencer marketing.

You can extend your brand’s reach, inspire user-generated content and boost your sales by:

  1. Identifying the right influencers for your brand, campaign and audience.
  2. Engaging with influencers using an established process.
  3. Keep influencers loyal and vocal with relationship management tips.

The Shelf, an influencer marketing program, finds that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people, even people they don’t know personally, over branded content.

The role of social media influence is equally strong, according to a new report from Deloitte:

  1. Social media influences one in three U.S. consumers’ purchasing choices.
  2. Consumers who use social media when making a buying decision are four times more likely to spend more on purchases than those who do not.
  3. Shoppers who use social media to make a buying decision are 29 percent more likely to make a purchase the very same day.

People listen to what brands have to say, but they’re going to turn to their neighbors and ask, “What do you think? How’s the customer service? Are you happy with the product or service?”

Social isn’t some foreign activity; it’s people’s lives on the go. The way a brand builds credibility through social is through authenticity and influence.

It’s the right person coupled with a targeted message, platform and audience that gets the job done, not the messenger or content alone.

Many brands are focusing on influencers who have a smaller, more engaged following and are the most relevant to their customers.

That trend will continue.

Influencers aren’t exactly like the target audience, either. They’re  the protectors of it. That means you’re dealing with a bear and her cubs.

Influencer marketing is impactful. It grows brand awareness and reach. It can even boost the bottom line. But most of it all, it can make your brand a little more “human.”

As you develop relationships with influencers, the brand becomes their friend. And what do people do when they have a really good friend? They tell their friends.

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Make More Cake: 7 Things No One Told You About Becoming Successful

Success: the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. It is not defined by how much money you have, the things you’ve accumulated, or the certifications you’ve obtained.

It’s not until you appreciate what you have, that you’ll realize that having more will not make your life better.

We buy things to make us happy and for a while, we do feel happy. Then we get back to our day to day. We go back to what we know: our comfort zone. And then, what happens?

These are the things no one told you about success:

  1. You have enough already. Period.
  2. Every aspect of your life, affects every aspect of your life. We are holistic beings. When you change one aspect of your life, realize that you are simultaneously changing the whole. You can’t change a part without fundamentally changing everything.
  3. You can’t have it all. Every decision you make has an opportunity cost. When you choose one thing, you aren’t choosing several others. Whenever you hear someone say that you can have it all, please know that they are lying. We ultimately need to choose what matters most to us + be ok with that. If we attempt to be everything, we’ll end up being nothing; that internal conflict is quite literally hell.
  4. Never forget where you came from. When you achieve any level of success, it’s easy to believe you are the only one responsible for it. It’s easy to forget all the sacrifices other people have made to get you where you are. It’s easy to see yourself above others. If you burn all your bridges, you’ll have no human connection left. In that isolation, you’ll lose your identity, becoming a person you never really set out to be.

    Humility, gratitude, and the recognition of your blessings keeps your success in proper perspective. You couldn’t do what you are doing without the help of countless other people.

  5. If you need permission to do something, you probably shouldn’t do it. So many people chase whatever has worked for other people. They never truly decide what they want to do and end up jumping from one thing to the next — trying to strike quick gold. Then they stop digging just a few feet from the gold. The ultimate truth: No one will ever give you permission to live your dreams.
  6. You earn as much as you want to. We tend to say we want to be successful. If we really wanted to, we would be.
  7. Earning money is moral. Earning money is a completely moral pursuit when it is done with honesty and integrity. If you don’t feel moral about the work you’re doing, then you should probably stop. When you believe in the value you provide so much that you are doing people a disservice by not offering them your services, you’re on track to creating colossal value. Our work should be a reflection of us. It’s always the other person’s choice whether they perceive the value in what we’re offering or not.

In my years as an entrepreneur, I learned quickly to stop seeking praise. I also learned that my work had merit when someone cared enough to give me unsolicited criticism.

I’ve always believed that from a scarcity mindset, when you think that helping other people hurts you because you no longer have the advantage you see the world as a giant cake. Every piece of the cake you have is cake I don’t have. Meaning that in order for you to win, I must lose.

Instead, from a perspective of abundance, there is not only one cake. There is actually an infinite number of cakes and if you want more, you can make more cake.

Carve time out every day to grown, improve, evole [INVEST IN YOURSELF)] — otherwise, your time will get lost in your crowded life.

Elevate your thinking. See yourself at the top. You’ll be disillusioned by the perception of those you once saw as idols. Guess what? They are just people, just like you.

Reference: Benjamin Hardy, Psychology Today


Rock Out Your Marketing with These 5 Easy Strategies

You’re probably on ‘New Year, New Goals’ overload…BUT please bare with me if you want to rock out your marketing this year.

As the smart entrepreneur that you are in every aspect of your life + business, I am breaking down 5 strategies that will support your marketing efforts this year:

  1. Do less marketing. Huh?!?!? The bottom line is that you know what isn’t working. Do less of that and also, don’t overextend yourself marketing in places where you don’t have the ability to sustain a long term effort. Focus on mastering 1 marketing platform at a time. Become indispensable in 1 area and in 1 network. And, meet your customers where they are.
  2. Target subscribers. The way to do that in a digital arena is by sharing valuable content on a specific date and a specific time. It’s like making an appointment with your audience. Create anticipation and reliability for it.
  3. Amplify your distribution. Creating valuable content is one thing, getting eyeballs to it, a completely different ball game. Build momentum by focusing on your subscribers and audience BUT you may also need to pay for promotion/distribution. Yes, this looks like print/online advertising that you pay for. Include it in your budget for the year as it’s imperative to keep your business visible.
  4. Make the connection among your visual assets. From a branding/marketing perspective what this means is that after taking a look at all your social media platforms ( Facebook Page, Twitter presence, LinkedIn Groups, YouTube Channel, blog, newsletter, etc.) can you answer this: If your logo fell off your marketing materials, would people know it was coming from you? If yes, AWESOME SAUCE! If no, take stock of your efforts and realign. They should all have the same look/feel as well as an improved user experience.
  5. Think mobile. If there is one thing you need to make sure of is that your website is optimized for mobile. Believe it or not, between 75-85% of sales happen on a mobile device. Yes, you read that correctly…75-85%! That’s a boat load of sales or signups that you’re missing out on if your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Get. On. It!

So, how will you make this year your most successful year ever? Anything else to add? Leave me a comment below!


Leadership + Influence

Influence and Leadership aren’t things you turn on and off…it’s a muscle you have to move all the time.
While being “on” all the time sounds exhausting, know that the key to leadership is being consistent.
Leadership + influence is something you practice every. day.

Finalmente, BELLA Latina Llega a tus Manos

Editora-en-jefe Vanessa Coppes agradece su apoyo, anuncia nuevo rol de Jonathan Claixto cómo Sub-editor y de Yolanda Borbón cómo Directora editorial de BELLA Latina 🥂

Hoy celebramos este gran paso: nuestra primera edición de BELLA Latina Mag impresa que viene 🔥


Raw. Personal. Faithful.

4:30 am… writing my EIC letter for what is a very personal Mind, Body + Spirit issue of BELLA Magazine to kick off 2022.
I woke up with the concept of this issue on my heart a few months ago. In it, I’m sharing my vulnerability. My weaknesses. Some difficult + hard moments. My real. I know It’ll either scare away every inauthentic person in my life or it will inspire others to also let go of the mirage of perfection.
Having done this for myself years ago has opened the doors to the most important relationships I’ve ever been a part of -especially with God- that is priceless. I hope you receive it with all the love poured into it 💛 can’t wait 🙌🏽

Don’t forget to strike a pose.

If just for a moment, take in what’s happening around you. Bask in your unseen efforts + sacrifices. Stand in the power of the fabulous creation you are. Because you are.
At whatever “level” you find yourself in, know that it’s where you are supposed to be. Keep pushing. Keep believing in your dreams, you may just surprise yourself.
All things are working for your good. Believe that. Hold on to that.
Thank you Robi Ludwig for the 📸

The Calm Before the Storm

Today is our last event of 2021 + it feels surreal ✨ so grateful for everything + everyone (good + not so good) that have carried my team + I to this very moment 🙌🏽 it couldn’t have happened any other way 🤟🏽 stay tuned for after pics 💋 thank you. Yes. More, please.


Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Creating the best products and services based on their skills and knowledge is the focus for many small business owners.
The second thing they focus on is going out and finding people who need or want what they have to offer. Sometimes this works… and they build a successful business around it.
But more often, especially, with small business owners in service or product based businesses, it doesn’t work. They create services/products, that they would want or that they believe other people would need. They also build some structure around these ideas, come up with a marketing message, get a website and then they are off (feeling like they’re going to conquer the world).
Reality then bites. Less people visit their website. And even less contact them about what they have to offer (and, if they don’t get discouraged and give up, they look for a business coach, or take courses in marketing and copy writing). They get sold the idea that if they were just clearer in their marketing message, people would flock to their business.
Now that’s true, in part. The the clearer your messaging and the better your copy writing, the better your overall marketing can be. So it’s not a bad idea to use a coach, or focus on your copy writing. What I mean is that that doesn’t necessarily  mean you’re going to sell more of your services/products and make more money.
What you need to know is your audience.
When taking a good marketing or copy writing course, you should get plenty about identifying the demographics and psychographics of your audience – and that’s excellent. You also get plenty of customer-focused writing – and that’s certainly even better. But the truth is both are premature.
Very few small business owners ask themselves this very important question – what does  my target audience know they need? And again, what do they know they need? 
That my friends, is the key to successful marketing – finding out what they know they need. Not just what they need, but what they know they need (purposely repeated).
So, are you developing your services/products around what your audience knows they need?
How would meeting your audience where they are change your business?