Catching Up with Fran Drescher at The Bryant Park Hotel for a Spa Day Experience for BELLA NYC Magazine

You may remember her as “The Nanny,” the lovely  Fran Drescher is a doll and the celebrity spokeswoman and face of the Finishing Touch brands. I had the pleasure of interviewing Fran last week for BELLA NYC Magazine at The Bryant Park Hotel. The Spa Day Experience was much needed!  Drescher unveiled the latest products from the beauty and grooming brand. In our powerful 5 minute chat we remembered her hit show, why she said Yes! to Finishing Touch and more…

Let’s go back a bit. How much of the The Nanny’s character carried over to who you are in real life.

I always say all of her is in me but not all of me is in her. Behind the scenes I was the executive producer, creator and also wrote and directed several episodes; she was all the colorful characters that I grew up with in Flushing, Queens -including myself when I was in high school- and my family and I loved being in her skin and in that world. Really, that show is my greatest accomplishment.

We’re here today unveiling the latest from Finishing Touch, tell us more about Yes!

I am a health activist and I started the Cancer Schmancer Movement. I’m approached a lot to be a spokesperson by certain beauty products which seem like a no brainer except for the fact that most of them contain carcinogens and toxins, hormone interruptors and enhancers and for that reason I can’t do it as I try to live an exemplary life. When I was approached by Yes! by Finishing Touch I thought of how great the product is, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly which resolves my guilt with the disposable razors. It is really very safe and comfortable to use and has a very chic look to it, the charge lasts and lasts and I even use it on my husband on the back of his neck. I feel very proud to represent a product I really believe in and is aligned with Cancer Schmancer, a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to Cancer Schmancer. It’s nice to work with a company that is also socially responsible.

How do you define beauty?

I think beauty is when you’re feeling extremely comfortable and confident in your own skin, no matter what you look like or how you dress and I learned that lesson many years ago from my mom. On a good day she was a size 12 but she’d gone up to a 16 over the course of my life, yet she always sold it as sexy and voluptuos. She always gave the message of ‘Whether there is less of me or more of me, me is great!’

After chatting with Fran, I went into the beauty lounge and experienced several beauty treatments:


  • A relaxing manicure by Barbara Mutnick using ella + mila. Who knew that vegan nail polish could be so fabulous? Check them out at


  • Getting my lips read by Jordana Sands was interesting! She said I have perfect balance in my life. I think she definitely knows something I don’t! (LOL)


  • We were also thrilled to fin TRAPP Home Fragrances in our bag. Bob’s Flower Shoppe No.13 is definitely one to put on your shopping list!

Yes!™ by Finishing Touch is the instant, pain-free hair remover based on the exciting new and patented Sensa-Light Technology™ by Finishing Touch™. Learn more HERE.

Cancer Schmancer’s mission is to shift the nation’s focus from just searching for a cure to prevention and early detection of cancer in order to save lives. Learn more here.

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