Catching Up: #ImperfectBlogging Challenges 15, 16, 17 and 18

Here we go:

#15: Legacy To answer the question of how you want to be remembered not only takes courage, but a lot of self-love. I think in general we all struggle with embracing our innate light. I live and want to be remembered as a C.H.I.C.A.: Caring, Hermosa, Inspiring woman, living with a Can do Attitude. I’ve embraced my fabulous humanity and I am on a mission to help women connect to their fabulous selves. That is all.

#16: Alone Time + Trip of a Lifetime

I drool when I think about Asia, Italy and France. I also drool about carving time out for myself. When you’re surrounded by little humans, that can be difficult. And while it is difficult, I make it a priority. You see, when you’re not good to yourself it festers and it manifests in the form of overwhelm, anger, depression. No 2 or 5 year old wants a crazy-ass mama, no husband wants a crazy-ass wife, no business partner or colleague wants a crazy-ass business partner or colleague, make sense? Whenever I meet a young person in their ‘prime’, fresh out of collage with no ‘real-life’ responsibilities I always tell them to prioritize living by themselves for a while. You are your best teacher. There, with yourself is when you really find out what you are made of. I stumbled upon this quote over 10 years ago and it has become one of those instant replay mantras:

“Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” H. Jackson Browm, JR.

So back to Italy 🙂 It’s on my vision board to simply roam the streets, bask in it’s beauty, drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of pasta (by myself).


#17: April Fool’s Prank

When I was in high school, I told my brothers that I was pregnant. A family member had recently come out with her 6 month hidden pregnancy, so this topic of teenage pregnancy was fresh in everyone’s radar. It was the 90’s. Yes, it was a shocker. I wept for hours, they cried with me. And then and there I bursted out laughing and said “April Fool’s”. Their looks back at me was of utter shock and disbelief -that I would play with their emotions in that way. They were pissed. I was damn proud. They didn’t reject me or make me feel like a horrible person. They did want to ‘have a talk’ with ‘the baby’s father’ though. Honestly, right there I realized that my family had my back, no matter what. That was awesome! I never played pranks on anyone ever again…not that serious anyway 😛


#18: Nicknames

I love this because it took me back to the first time my brother called me V-8. Yeah, like the juice. But I was and am to this always in motion, taking action. In time he kindly shifted it’s meaning and compared me to having a V-8 engine. He said that I could always be counted on to get anything going. A fire starter of sorts. These days it’s shortened to V and I’m totally cool with that because I am in the business of #MSH 😉

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