Brilliance in Maternity Fashion: Mulier NYC

Honestly ladies, “I have nothing to wear,” seems to be one of our favorite catch phrases – pregnant or not.

I am so very, very (very) glad to be over those maternal-not-having-anything-to-wear days!

I mean, c’mon? Seriously!

How many of you refused to go the maternity clothing route when you were pregnant? I know I would just buy bigger sizes of whatever my favorite stores were offering. Ill-fitting fashion is the last thing anyone needs, specially on those mornings when you can barely muster up the courage to not wear sweats…for the 10th time in a row!

Jackets and coats had to seriously be one of the hardest things to find!

I remember considering simply caping myself with a cute blanket my mother-in-law had gotten me one year for Xmas. Could it be this difficult to keep warm and look cute? It was.

But, guess what ladies?!?! NOT ANY MORE!

Insert The Cozy Joey HERE!

I met Sandra Martin, founder of Mulier NYC and the designer and creator of this game changing item at a Beyond Mom Mixer were I was speaking at last year.

Sandra-Martin-founder of Mulier-NYC

Aside from the obvious commonality, we’re both mothers, we’re also both entrepreneurs. Hats off to that alone 🙂

She briefly described her creation to me and then sent me one to test drive this winter…O.M.G.

Seriously ladies, a. game. changer.

Why? You can wear it during and after pregnancy AND while carrying your baby! Again: You can wear it for three phases and three seasons of the year! Talk about a maternity clothing revolution!

Check it out:


This is the perfect coat for mom-to-be. Whether it’s your first or third pregnancy, this coat will take you all the way. With a wrap belt closure, you can easily adjust the garment’s fit as you progress in your nine months.


This coat is the perfect complement to babywearing needs. The button-up closure offers a more secure fit to keep your most precious baby close, warm and nurtured with your unconditional love and attention.


Sometimes you need to be out and about without the baby. This versatile piece allows you to just slip it on, wrap it up and tie it closed with the classic belt.

And think of the space you’ll save in your closet by having just one coat for all of your needs!

I know, I know…you can thank me later!

Congratulations Sandra for bringing this product to the marketplace. It is indeed not just a fabulous product, but it solves a need, saves you money, time and space. Winner!

I am not expecting and don’t expect to be expecting any time soon, but here I am wearing my Cozy Joey last week and am in love!



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