Book Signing Party and Launch of ETTM’s 360º Lifestyle Lounge

I dislike surprises…and if you’re in my immediate circle you know just how much! BUT there is an exception to every rule, right?

June 10, 2014 turned out to be a fabulous night! My business partner made sure of it! I witched about details as anyone would before an event -yes…I can be a witch sometimes- but am beyond grateful for the many familiar and new faces that came out to celebrate with us this wonderful milestone.

A special thanks to Christina Farrell Barsoum, who so wonderfully captured the night through her lens. Thank you Lynette Barbieri, my husband Joshua Coppes, Courtenay and Daniel Hall, Pilar Selman, Jennifer and Michael Young, Dixie L. Nichols, Marilyn Iacoviello, Hope Wissel, Marcy Cortez, Kathleen Edinger, Renee Marshall, Lisa Metz, Valerie Ryan, Lisa Girandola the owner of Avatar Spa and all the other wonderful men and women connected to our ETTM Community! You made the night…well, FABULOUS!


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  • Congratulations to ETTM and Vanessa on your amazing work and giving spirit. May your blessings continue to flow.

    • Thanks lovely lady 🙂 you’re a huge part of our success! Thank you for coming!

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