Being Successful

Although it may seem strange, success, is the most difficult thing to understand for many people. Maybe because its definition is so unclear we have a hard time identifying it? 

What is success to you? 

What defines a successful lifestyle?

If you started to wonder even for a split of a second about the answers to these questions, you may be having difficulties enjoying your life. I know I did. I struggled for years with the socially generated concepts of success and tried a lot of things to achieve them.

It took me some time to understand the real meaning of success. It’s difficult to understand that. Most definitions are socially generated and most of the times you need somebody else to tell you that you are a successful human being.

That’s strange, to need external validation. 

Being successful should be something that comes from within. Success is often defined by the number of people that have heard about you. 

In today’s world, money and recognition are the most important success definitions. You might be a complete and fulfilled person, yet if you don’t have tons of money or you’re not quite a popular figure, you’re not going to be accepted as a successful person.

Building your success, without first understanding what it means to you, is like building a house from a broken foundation. 

All because you gave in to ready made success principles, without understanding the most important part: what YOU really want. What makes YOU happy. What YOU can offer in an unique and fulfilling way…that should define YOUR success.

They will most likely not (or maybe they will) be making you millions of dollars, it’s just not a rule that you’ll actually need millions of dollars in order to express yourself to your full potential

If those things are totally and honestly filling your existence, they will lead you to success anyway. Every thing that you do without effort is a promise of undoubtable success, this is your gift.

The real joy of life always comes from within. The real need for success always comes from you to the others, not the other way around.

Every human being is different and every one has a mission that will make his/her life bloom.

Success is a state of well being, an equilibrium in motion. A personal choice. It is not a social label.

You are successful when it is not a stress anymore. When you feel right about what you’re doing and when you’re doing everything right. 
It might be making money, or it might be traveling the world. It might be doing business, corporate style, or it might be teaching others about being happy.

Success is happiness acknowledged.
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  • This is really thought provoking. I've read it about 5 times in the past 2 days. What are my markers of success? Back to the drawing table to think this over… Thanks!

  • I am glad it's making you think. I am at a point in my my life where I have really re-evaluated MANY things. A really negative situation in my business, catapulted me in a completely different direction.

  • You are successful when it is not a stress anymore. When you feel right about what you’re doing and when you’re doing everything right. I agree with this. We are successful when we can feel the happyness from our heart, when you can feel and see the love from your wife or husband.

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