Behind the Scenes

When you buy a product… is it an impulse buy or do you ever wonder how it got to you? What went into its fabrication, where the components came from, etc? I do!

The more we know about what we are buying, the more we are able to appreciate its value. 

But then again, isn’t that true with everything else in life? 

When you go to a doctor, you don’t just go to any doctor; you do your research, you ask friends or colleagues about his practice, you google his/her credentials. Why shouldn’t you?

You also want to know about others who have been to his/her practice: it’s  proof that you’ll be getting the right diagnosis.

In these tough times, I find myself questioning more and more my needs and wants, getting more details of what I am buying before I dish out the cash. Things are tough, and reassurance makes the decision a little lighter.

This reality IS clearer when it comes to handmade products, do you know that every detail is taken into consideration? From the design to the actual finished product. Every stone, every stitch… carefully shaped into an exquisitely unique experience. 

Where else can you get quality control of that caliber?

The next time you’re out and about shopping for yourself or others, consider asking yourself when/where/how it was made. You might find the information more revealing than you expected, and I’ll bet, even wondering what it really has to offer you.

What other details do you consider when buying a product?
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  • Since I went on a green kick a few years back, I have paid a lot more attention into where things come from, but it wasn't until I started making jewelry that I started to think about how things are made and what they are made of. Now I notice just how LIGHTWEIGHT the costume jewelry in the stores is. A lot of it feels like complete garbage to me. I have to look long and hard to even find a glass bead (ie not plastic) and of course you'd never find an actual stone. You get SUCH a better product when you buy handmade. Not to mention, a whole pile of middle men didn't double the price.

  • Thank you for your feedback Lyndsey and I must say I completely agree. I too consider a lot of other aspects when I go out to buy something I need. When you do the work, as is with jewelry making, it becomes a mission to a degree, of advocating real value.

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