How Beauty CEO Doe Deere Starts Her Day

Doe Deere

If a beauty junkie could have any dream job, it would probably be to own her own cosmetics brand. For Doe Deere, dreams became a reality. This beauty addict turned businesswoman is the proud owner of Lime Crime, one of the most innovative makeup brands on the market. Focused on highly pigmented shades and products that burst with color, Lime Crime is a favorite amongst artists and drag performers.

Most of us want to know how successful entrepreneurs start their days in order to mimic the steps needed for success. We also want to know the skincare and makeup habits of the world’s most talented makeup artists. When it comes to Doe Deere, you get the best of both worlds. Here’s how she stays beautiful while running her brand like a total boss.

Wakeup Call

Many business people get up at the crack of dawn, but Doe Deere waits until 8:30. This allows her to get nine hours of sleep, which she swears is the trick to staying youthful. Dee doesn’t need an alarm clock; by getting up at the same time everyday, her body just naturally knows to wake up at this time.

Diet and Fitness Are Key

You can’t run one of the world’s most successful makeup companies if you don’t have healthy habits. This is why Doe starts her day with a big glass of water, since she swears by hydration in order to keep her skin plump and glowing. She likes to begin her day with some stretches and then follow up with a light vegetarian breakfast of hot cereal, yogurt and fruit. It’s not surprising that she skips the eggs and bacon. After all, Lime Crime is known for being cruelty-free.

Be A Girl Boss

A girl boss like Dee knows that you don’t get very far by putting off all of your emails and ignoring your schedule. This is why she always replies to messages and goes over her daily schedule as soon as she’s had breakfast.

Keeping Skincare Simple

Skincare is important to Doe, but she doesn’t bother with those complicated 10-step beauty routines that seem to be so popular at the moment. Instead, she keeps it very simple. She uses a gentle rose-scented face wash and then follows up with a light moisturizer that will restore some hydration back into her skin without clogging her pores. It might sound simple, but it does the trick.

Getting Glam

The founder of a cult beauty brand isn’t likely to leave the house without makeup. Doe rocks out to The Beatles while doing her morning makeup. Lime Crime doesn’t sell foundation, but Doe doesn’t reach for pricey brands. Instead, she uses foundations from the local drugstore, which she swears work just as great as the pricier options. Then, she uses Lime Crime products to give herself the exact look she wants for the day.

Doe doesn’t stick to the same makeup look everyday, but she does have some very basic rules that she follows. First, she always fills in her brows, which helps to finish off her look. She always wears one of Lime Crime’s iconic lip colors. Her favorites include Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and Rustic.

Even if you’re not yet a highly successful entrepreneur like Doe, you can still emulate her amazing routine. There’s a reason why successful people stick to routines. It keeps them on track and makes basic life tasks a bit simpler so that they have more time to attend to their business goals.


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