Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale

You may remember her from our Chica Interview last year. This year, her book, which chronicles her journey to finding balance, is available here.
I can’t say enough about how Jennifer’s light shines so brightly, that her presence just makes you smile.
Jennifer Tuma-Young understands women. She gets the yo-yo diets, and the madness of “starting” on Monday. She wants you to get off of the “Dieting Wheel of Frustration” and kick the negative self-talk to the curb!  Instead, she wants you to embrace balance and self-love.
As an inspired living expert and recovered yo-yo dieter, Jennifer Tuma-Young has used her Balance program to help thousands of women create balance, release weight (in life and on the scale) and find joy.
What is the secret to Jennifer’s successful balancing act? Jennifer will teach you how to:
• Rekindle your true food-life connection
• Release the stuff in your mind that weighs you down
• Assess who you are and what you stand for so you can move forward with a “sharper compass”
• Cleanse and detoxify your life and your body
• Increase your energy with 3 critical fuel sources (2 of which have nothing to do with food!!)
• Make choices that align with your best self
• Set and reach goals by removing the frustration “how?” to make it happen.
• Confront obstacles and roadblocks head on so they don’t keep popping up
• Plug into life so you are happy, healthy, and most importantly not wasting precious time worrying about your weight
The bottom line is nurturing yourself and loving yourself go hand in hand. Regardless of your shape or size, if you are beating yourself up to stay thin or using food for reasons other than its intended purpose, Jennifer can help. Over a decade ago, she was more than one hundred pounds heavier than she is today.
She has deprived herself to a point of exhaustion to keep weight down and indulged to a point of threatening her health. By joining the Curves community, and having worked with thousands of women over the last decade, Jennifer knows how magnificent women really are, and rarely give themselves credit for – that women are truly busy NOT lazy or undisciplined. She helps women overcome the everyday obstacles that can trip them up and throw them off track, and teaches women how to adjust their focus lens. She knows the notion of “balance” in the form of having “all of your ducks in a row” is bunk! So, she’s spent the last decade working with women, researching, and studying the relationships between food and life, stress and weight, self-love and happiness, and has put together a B.A.L.A.N.C.E program where women can redefine their own meaning and method for balance in life and with the scale. Her program will not only change your life, but will help you to release the weight, and begin to truly nurture yourself from the inside-out.
Finding her balance has been a journey, and having learned from her own experiences, as well as witnessing the incredible transformations of the many women she’s worked with, Jennifer asserts that anyone can live a weightless life.
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