As Social Media Changes, So Does Influencer Fraud


Believe it or not, the marketing industry has a $1.3 billion problem, according to AD Week.

That is the expected amount of money marketers are going to waste on fraudulent influencer marketing this year alone. This is according to a July 2019 global study from cybersecurity company Cheq and the University of Baltimore.

What is influencer fraud? When an influencer falsifies his/her impact, through purchased followers or inauthentic engagement. It’s one of the biggest issues in the marketing industry today and everyone is paying for it.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of marketers have gone ahead and created an economy based on followers because as long as the industry uses followers as the threshold, the fraud will continue to be rampant.
Every campaign should be boosted with paid media because once that happens, the follower count starts to be of less value.
The only way to have a foolproof plan is to have a direct relationship with your agency who can advice on your best course of action. Engagement is and has always been the true marker of success.
How are you gauging your social media marketing wins?


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