Art With a Dose of Spirituality and Good Health

Although we met under “unusual” circumstances my admiration for Andrea Rosenfeld’s work comes from a very special place.  

Her passion for art, balance, spirituality and friendship are admirable and her experiences have taught me not only techniques in the the love for jewelry making that we share, but also lessons in life.

Here is a closer look into Andrea’s world: 

Who are you?

Who I AM is subjective – if you mean literally, I’m a professional kinetic Artist, Mom, girlfriend, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and friend.  If you mean internally; I’m all the wonderful things you would expect me to say about myself, as a proud and vain Leo, along with QUITE A FEW idiosyncrasies.  

I acknowledge that my passion is growth through art as well as spirituality.  I am not happy unless I’m being challenged but that probably takes my mind off of all of my idiosyncrasies that need fixing, huh?

What do you do and why do you do it?

I create kinetic and non-kinetic art jewelry using gemstones, precious metals and sustainable wood.  My luxury, kinetic work is participation art – my clients can gently manipulate my designs to create alternate compositions to suit them and my non-kinetic artwork is based upon art techniques I have accumulated as well as the ideals of art: composition, texture, balance, movement and so on.  

I am a Reiki practitioner and I find it important to cleanse my artwork so that I can give good health to others, as well as my creativity and passions.  I involve myself in charities and have become a co-chair for the Komen Foundation for their Babes Burnin’ Rubber Event to honor my Mother who is a two-time breast cancer survivor.  

Mostly, though, I do art.  I need to do art.  Anything I can create using the sparks in my head that flow through my arms and hands and manipulate materials so that the finished work forms something similar to the original spark-image, makes me happy.  And if there is a wall of inability that I must climb to reach a conclusion, then I’m even happier.  Growth, you know.

Who/What inspires you?

Nature inspires me.  My need to be challenged and move forward and experience life inspires me to create.  My children inspire me with their insane creativity and have even offered design suggestions.  My boyfriend, Philip, inspires me.  He constantly shoves interesting artists/musicians in my path that I can learn from.  I am inspired by other artists and thrive around them; the energy is palpable.

What would you like people to take with them from your work?

Playfulness, happiness, excitement, good health, passion, thought, admiration for art and artists and a great big smile.

Where can people contact you? 

Luxury, kinetic, healing jewelry in Art Galleries and Spas:

Boutique, healing art jewelry:
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