ART can Fight Battles Too You Know

Cancer has had it’s blows in my family taking my father, my aunt, uncle and now, my mother in law is fighting it like a champ. 
Navigating through the web one day, I came across a piece of jewelry art, so appropriately named “The Fighter” that simply warmed my heart and made me think of my mom’s battle. The piece moved and inspired me so much, I had to get it for her.
Through the process of buying this beautiful work of art, I had the pleasure of seeing more of the artist’s work and personality. I wanted you to meet her.

Diana Casabar from Diana’s Mettle Jewelry

Who are you?  
I’m a wife and mother who has always been creative. When I was pregnant with our first child, I took a beading class, and then beaded for a year.  I remember the very first time I was frustrated with the pendants the stores sold for beaders ~ it clicked that my father fabricated jewelry as a hobby when I was a kid.  So I asked him for his tools and torch.  I haven’t looked back since then.  I took classes from incredible artists at The Craft Guild of Dallas, finding techniques I enjoy and the “look” that connects with me.  

I breathe the fresh air whenever I smell it, and my husband smiles.  I bask in the light of the full moon, and all three of my men roll their eyes.  I see beauty in leaves and drops of dew, and the deep purples of my Red Bud Tree, and I want to put it in metal. I’m a Kite who is also a Wife, Mom and Jewelry Artist. So, to sum it up, I am a charge-ahead, innovative, creative maker, who can make whatever I or my family needs.

What do you do and why do you do it?
I handcraft contemporary art jewelry out of silver, brass, copper, gold and stones.  The technique I prefer to use is chasing and repousse, and shell forming, but, I am knowledgeable in most fabrication techniques.
I love to take a piece of impersonal sheet metal and impart a meaning to it, hopefully in a beautiful way.  I love symbols, and if I can transform metal into body adornment with soul, then I’m happy.

Who/What inspires you?
Mother Nature, first of all is a great source of inspiration for me, and thank goodness She doesn’t have copyright protection on her products, because I love to copy her!  Music is another inspiration for me ~ the beats move me to move the metal.  But also, daily life, its ups and downs, interconnections ~ give me inspiration to create.  For instance, cancer.  Hmmm, we have a lot to say about cancer, and the ups and downs of it, it’s interconnectedness.  I took the beautiful Yoga Tree Pose pendant that I made for my yoga instructor and balanced her on the Cancer Remembrance Ribbon.  My hope is that it will give strength to it’s wearer, that she can be strong and firm like a tree, that it won’t knock her down and she will survive this trial of cancer.

Do you see your craft as a hobby or a business?
Today, this minute, it is a loving business.  I’m at the point in my craft, where I want to up my game and get out there and share what I make.  The only way to share is to take it seriously as a business.

Where do you see yourself in 6 months?
I hope that in 6 months I’ll have been accepted to show my pieces in crafthaus and ObjectFetish.  I want to have a presence on the internet, that I don’t have today.  That also means Etsy, ArtFire, PayPal, My Website, etc.

Where can people contact you? 

On Face Book: Diana’s Mettle Jewelry 
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