Are you Chic, Classic or Casual?

Isn’t it interesting how a color characterizes a season? As soon as you feel the weather begin to change, you immediately shift into wardrobe changing mode. 

The color preferences, general fashion considerations and styling directions for this Fall can be divided into three categories: 
Chic shades are inspired by digital prints and holograms. This trend is dominated by solid and cold tones. Midnight blues and earth tones as well as deep pink are opposing and in that way creating a world of playful patterns. The interaction of functional blues and structured browns open out onto turbulent explorations that burst forth in stormy alchemies.
The Classic world is characterized by diluted color effects. Clean and earthy colors play a big role in this section. In curious combinations they seem to be like an experiment. Brown and green tones mixed together create a hint of mystery in combination with gray and foggy shades.
Casual colors reflect the style of mixed technologies. Juicy orange tones, drunken scarlets and neutral nuances combine in a dangerous relation. The way how a dynamic brilliance and shining is created seems like a magic formula. Pavement grays brought together with dazzling lights are a contrast to passionate and theatrical tones.
The term “Autumn/Winter 2010” implies the idea that trends are only real trends when they become a style.
Jewelry can represent the harmony of contrasts in color and materials, and in that way also stand for creating new fashion styles. Especially with such a personal touch a new style can be created.
So tell us, in which (if any) category do you find you are in?

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