Are You a Giver or A Taker?

With every experience I encounter (positive or  negative), I always try to see the lesson it is meant to teach me. There is a lesson in everything we experience…everything!

In life, you need of human connections. Those connections (specially when you turn them into relationships) will teach you many lessons too.

How you build on those connections, meaning you don’t just call that person when you need something, is key to building relationships. With time,  you will realize  that having a relationship, goes far beyond  “friending” someone. In this digital era, I know it can become confusing.

Relationships are 2 way streets. You show up for people, they show up for you. You support, they support in return. You smile, 9 times out of 10, the other person will smile back.

So in any scenario you are in, are you giving, are you just taking or are you giving with the expectation of receiving?

You shouldn’t measure what you give, you shouldn’t expect  a return either. My experience has been that the people who are meant to uphold your light in this world will show up for you as you will for them.

Relationships are not transactions and remember:

  • When your giving is taking too much out of you, then you are trying to give more than you are capable of.
  • If you allow yourself to be drained of energy you will have less to give.
  • If you are giving because your help is needed then simply accept the relationship for what it is. Your giving will add value to who you are but  that doesn’t mean it will turn into a relationship with that person. Do a gut check and be honest with yourself an the other person. Be aware of why you are in that scenario.
  • If your giving has conditions, then that’s really not very generous.

This can be applied to both business and personal relationships.
Who you are relates to how much you give of yourself without losing yourself.

How are you showing up in your relationships? Leave me a comment below!

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