A Note to My 2013 Self

“you are always free to change your mind
and choose a different future,
or a different past.”

– Richard Bach

Today’s #ImperfectBlogging Challenge asks me to reflect on my 2013 self. I am ‘under construction’ constantly working on how to live better, be better, do better! Here are a few things I would tell my 2013 self right now:

  1. You are a great mom. Better than you ever give yourself credit for. Listen, I mean really listen to your kids. They flat out tell you everyday.
  2. You are on fire: Doing exactly what you dreamed about doing at 12 years old.
  3. You can finally look at yourself in the mirror and smile back. You should’ve started doing that sooner.
  4. Your love for writing, a talent your teachers saw and encouraged in high school has given you the voice you so craved for at 12. You’ve used that talent to share your stories with the world, specially for giving voices to those who haven’t found theirs …yet. And your book is a dream no more.
  5. You’ve become the kind of leader you prayed to be: You lead with love and compassion, with integrity and respect and are empowering those around you.

What would you say to your 2013 self?

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