7 Ways Accessories Can Polish Your Wardrobe

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What if you could take one outfit and wear it different ways? 

Did you know that just by changing a few fashion accessories, you could wear the same dress to a bridal shower, a barbeque, the theater, and a church service? 

How much would that help your budget? How much less stuff would you have to pack when you traveled? That’s one of the powers of accessories: the ability to change an outfit from one mood to another. 

Here are 7 ways accessories can help you:

1) Draw attention to your assets,
2) Pull attention away from your ‘trouble’ spots,
3) Give a variety of looks to a single outfit,
4) Make a garment look expensive,
5) Revive or update classic clothing styles,
6) Relate different items of your outfit to each other,
7) Define your personal style.

Well chosen accessories can polish your look and take you from the board room to the ball room with very little fuss. 
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