7 Awesome Reminders in A Note to Self at 35

I woke up this morning to many birthday wishes…I feel so humbled and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

I have to take a moment to basque in all the blessings, specially as I sit here at 35, pinching myself from what my life has become.

So today, I am blogging my blessings, taking notes so they serve as reminders from my 35 years in this open note to self:

  1. You are a great mom. Better than you ever give yourself credit for. Listen, I mean really listen to your oldest son, he flat out tells you everyday.
  2. You are doing exactly what you dreamed about doing at 12 years old.
  3. You’ve accepted and embraced your curves, your beautiful black hair (despite the grays) and can finally look at yourself in the mirror and smile back. I wish you would’ve started doing that sooner.
  4. Your dream of seeing SADE in concert came true before you turned 50. See? You haven’t stopped believing in the amazing possibilities God has in store for you. Don’t…ever!
  5. Your love for writing, a talent your teachers saw and encouraged in high school has given you the voice you so craved for at 12. You’ve used that talent to share your stories with the world, specially for giving voices to those who haven’t found theirs …yet.
  6. You’ve turned into the one thing you feared and ran from as a teen: a leader. While you struggle with the responsibility that role brings, take comfort in knowing that you lead with love and compassion, with integrity and respect and are empowering those who surround you. Despite the naysayers…don’t stop. Look around you and acknowledge the leaders you’ve helped come out of their shell.
  7. You will regret not sleeping as much as you should. You will never be this lucid at 4 am again. EVER! So do enjoy this moment while it lasts.

Happy Birthday Vanessa! Keep enjoying the beautiful ride that life is!

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