6 Things I Learned Preparing for Good Morning America Last Year, Which TODAY Are In My Face While Finishing My Book

Last night, I had this very conversation with my friend and colleague Jennifer Tuma Young.
We get s@!t done… and then we freeze. Fear, vulnerability…whatever the case, I finished my book a week ago and until this morning, I felt paralyzed.
I share a very personal part of my childhood…obviously what has helped become who I am today.
I know I have this ‘bad ass’ ‘go getting’ persona on the outside…but inside,  I struggle with fear. I have to hype myself up, push through paralyzing anxiety…there’s actually a whole chapter in the book on why.
But this morning, searching for inspiration to blog…I found this post I wrote last year….and I had an ‘aha’.
In my heart, I know WHY I do what I do: to empower  women, specially moms who’ve struggled as I did, to feel fabulous about themselves, specially after having kids.
This is what I also know to be true:
1. Set your intentions and do the work“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Nuff Said.
2. Surround yourself with like minded people, those who support, but also challenge you to be the best you.
3. ENJOY the fruits of your labor. Love yourself enough to really enjoy the process and OWN it. I personally struggled with this a lot, but I have worked my butt off for an opportunity like this… So BRING IT!
4. Be grateful. Everyone who comes into your life holds a lesson…THANK YOU!
5. Be yourself and genuinely connect with other people. I was only able to come out of my shell, and really embrace who I was, when I connected with other women and let myself be seen.
This phrase has been my mantra since: “My ability to get through my day greatly depends on the relationship that I have with other women…We have to be able to champion other women. We have to root for each other’s successes and not delight in one another’s failures.” Michelle Obama, First Lady
While we may not agree with each other on certain things like politics or even fashion…women, can ALWAYS connect with each other on so many other levels. Be empathetic of those in your circle who are trying to figure life out and are doing the best they can.
6. Decide to live your truth. No one else can live your life for you. No one but you can decide to move past whatever may be holding you back.
It’s easier to follow and it takes real courage to be honest with yourself. When you decide to do so…sit back and watch the blessings pour into your life. Onward Chicas!
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