6 Hair Care Tips, 3 BUSTED

How many times did you put mayo in your hair because its was healthy? Do you know how many times I did? If you are dealing with hair loss or just want your hair to grow a little faster and healthier then visit https://www.groomingadepts.com/best-dht-blocker. They have amazing supplements for men and women. 

Turns out, a recent study done by Allure Magazine BUSTED 3 out of 6 of the most common hair care tips that many of us grew up believing were true!
SAY WHAT ?!?!?!?!
I wanted to share them here with you:
1) Mayonnaise and eggs moisturize and strengthen your hair. FALSE. 
While you may get the shine, all you are doing is putting actual grease  in your hair (yuck!), which flattens your hair and when heated up with with your hair dryer or flat iron, will actually burn your hair.
2) If you pluck a gray hair, more will grow out. FALSE. 
When gray hair is coming, it’s coming. Your best solution is dying it if you can’t stand to see it. Sp pluck away…but if you have a lot of gray hair, keep in mind you might end up giving yourself a bold spot.
3) Tomato juice lightens and takes the green out of blonde hair. TRUE. 
Dyed blonde hair  is actually oxidized hair. The antioxidants in tomato juice will lighten the strands. Who knew?
4) Rinsing your hair with beer will lighten your hair. FALSE.
It will actually strengthen it. Take an 8 oz cup and rinse your hair with beer and then shampoo. Thinking this one is kind of a fun one, don’t you think?
5) Tooth brushes are GREAT for teasing. TRUE.
If you like your hair teased, this is a great alternative to prevent breakage. The soft strands of the tooth brush will give you the height or volume you want, without the damage.
6) Fabric sofetner wipes fight frizz. TRUE.
Ever had hair strands that will just not come down? Rub a sheet of fabric softener wipes on your hair and watch gravity take care of the rest.
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