5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD

Winter style…oy…it’s so darn cold…so, what do you wear? 
I’m always excited about fashion, but Lord this weather! If I could live in an underground cave, and still get internet…I would until Spring.
No matter the weather, I’m always around people so looking un-human is out of the question. And if you know me, you know that I am the Queen 👸🏻 of layers.
Here are 5 ways to help you look HOT in the cold:
1. You can never go wrong with an oversized scarf, hat and knitted layers.
vanessa-coppes-5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD-5
2. Wearing winter white from head-to-toe is the epitome of chic. However, you might want to avoid children, food, and pens.
vanessa-coppes-5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD-1
3. Accents of pastels are a must.
vanessa-coppes-5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD-3
4.  Pile on the ponchos. Fringed ones are all the rage. 
vanessa-coppes-5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD-4
5. Wear the ultimate accessory: sunglasses. Use them especially to hide your cold weather misery. Just me? Wear them anyway 😎
vanessa-coppes-5 Ways to Look HOT in the COLD-2

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