5 Ways to Build Good Relationships With People and How It Affects Your Success


By nature, human beings are social creatures. We crave friendship and positive interactions, just as we do food and water. It makes sense that the better our relationships are at work or in our businesses, the happier and more productive we’ll be.

Good relationships also give us freedom. Instead of wasting time and energy battling the problems associated with negative relationships, we can place our focus on opportunities.

Having good relationships is also necessary if we hope to further our careers and grow our businesses. If your boss doesn’t trust you, it’s unlikely that he/she will consider you if a new position opens up. If a client doesn’t refer you, more likely than not, you’ll soon be out of a business.

We all want to work with people we vibe with.


We need good working relationships with others in our professional circle. Key players from which our job or business depend on like clients or vendors, they are all essential to our success. Therefore, it’s important to build and maintain good relationships with these people.

So, how do you begin to build that bond? Here are 5 characteristics that make up good relationships:

  1. Trust. The foundation of every good relationship. When there is mutual trust, you have the freedom to be open and honest in your thoughts and actions, and you don’t waste time and energy “watching your back.”
  2. Respect. When you respect the people who you work with, you value their input and ideas, and they value yours. Working together, you can come up with solutions based on collective insight, wisdom and creativity.
  3. Mindfulness. This means taking responsibility for your words and actions. Those who are mindful take care in what they say, and they don’t allow their personal  negative emotions affect the people around them.
  4. Welcoming Diversity. People with good relationships accept and welcome diverse people and opinions.
  5. Communication. We communicate all day, whether we’re sending text messages, emails, DMs, or meeting face to face. The more effectively you communicate with those around you, the more impactful your relationships will be. Relationships -good relationships- depend on open, honest communication.

We should always strive to build and maintain good relationships with everyone, but there are certain relationships that deserve extra TLC.

You’ll most likely benefit from developing good relationships with key players in your company, industry, and network. These are people who have skin in the game and can affect your success.

Developing a bond with these people will help lighten your load as you scale your success ladder. They can also help your projects and career, stay on track.

Need a place to start or to continue fostering good relationships? You need to have some skin in the game, too!

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