5 Essentials That Should Be In Your Closet

Chicas, please…let’s get real here. How many times have you looked back at pictures of yourself and thought: “WTH WAS I THINKING?”
Yes, this is me. X-Mas ’91
Well…today it’s still all too common that because something is “IN”…well, we have to have it. And then, when we get whatever that it is… turns out, we don’t even like it!
The hype around fashion is just that, a hype. 
The more outrageous a trend, the more attention it will draw. It doesn’t mean we have to follow suit and be at the mercy of someone else’s idea of style. 
I see it in my clients’ closets frequently: energy, time and money spent…all leading to frustration and anxiety of never having anything to wear, that ultimately makes them look and feel good.
My mission through my 5 steps to fabulous and everything I share on this blog is to motivate you to get on your own priority list and help you develop your personal style, so that you can look and feel your best, everyday.
{Rule of thumb: invest in pieces that you can easily update with accessories.}
Here are 5 wardrobe essentials to get you going:

1. Black Pants: they will accompany you to both work and social settings. Choose a straight or wide leg cut and get a pair long enough to wear with heels.




2. Jeans: find a pair that works for your figure and buy several. Keep in mind that a little stretch can be a flattering cut and also, darker-washed jeans are dressier.


3. White Button-Down Shirt: Paired with jeans, it’s one of my favorite casual looks, but a crisp, white shirt can easily stand up to a little black dress when paired with the right bottom and accessories. Shirts with a little stretch will wrinkle less.




4. Sheath Dress: A sheath dress never goes out of fashion. It is the perfect style to have on hand for a work-to-evening transition. Avoid color trends and pick a neutral one for this look. You can easily update your sheath with a belt at the waist or a pair of trendy shoes.


5. Sweater Set: You can separate the set for a variety of style options. Add pearls and you’re ready for the country club. Cinch the sweater with a belt and add a pencil skirt, or wear the tank with jeans and some fab shoes for a night out. The possibilities are endless! Finer, lighter fabrics are dressier.

I hope these tips help connect you to your personal style Chica!
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