5 Benefits of Using Essential Oils and The Magic of a ‘Whisper’

There’s been a craze surrounding the use of essential oils which, if you do your research, are many.

I know that for many of us it can be difficult to understand that in order to be healthy, we need to go back to nature.

I mean visit your Dr., of course…but many remedies for our emotional or physical ailments can be found in simply lighting a candle, smelling roses or believe it or not, in a drop of an essential oil. If you have been dealing with constipation you can use essential oil to help you, here is a complete oiling point constipation guide to help you figure out what oils you will need.

Essential oils are extracted from many different parts of plants and have been proven to be fabulous tools for us to use in our everyday lives. These oils are potent and they can be used or applied in a different ways yielding powerful results.

I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils by a friend some time ago and was elated to later find out that Ellen Martin Weglarz, one of our ETTWomen members represented the brand.

I fell in love with one specific blend called ‘Whisper’. I would wear it everywhere! I can’t begin to tell you the conversations that started and the ones that shifted due to the scent! Ellen gifted me this beautiful crystal bottle a few weeks ago, but the true gift was the ‘Whisper’ inside!



dōTERRA Whisper Blend for Women is a complex and diverse blend that combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang’s euphoric aromas combined with the warm and spicy scents of Patchouli, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Cocoa.

Recommended Uses

  • After a shower, apply to wrists to create a unique and beautiful scent that accentuates your body chemistry.
  • Diffuse in the evening, for a warming aroma that entices and intrigues the senses.
  • Place on terra-cotta jewelry for a long-lasting scent that promotes calming emotions throughout the day.
  • Provides a warming, musky aroma.
  • Combine with Hand & Body Lotion for a moisturizing application.

I have personally used this oil before having difficult conversations, when attending a business negation meeting and even to help me go to sleep.

Knowing where your oils come from and how they are created is crucial to ensuring safety and effectiveness. If you’ve been wondering about the use of essential oils in your life and are looking for alternative ways to restore your well being, send Ellen a message HERE 🙂 You’ll be glad you did!


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the well being topics presented on our site have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not replace personal judgment nor medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your health care provider or naturopathic physician about the use of these or any other complimentary modalities.

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