4 Ways To Humanize Your Brand


In a nutshell, when you humanize your brand what you bring to it is: culture, recruitment, and delight. Because the the truth is people still don’t really trust faceless brands or corporations.

This is a  huge advantage to small business owners and all the more reasons to connect customers to your story.

People have become extremely savvy consumers. Social media has made it possible. Any message that comes from a corporate brand is given extra eyeballs, criticism and plenty of scrutiny.

There is however a pretty straightforward solution to this because people want to connect to other people. They trust people more than they do brands. The catch? Make your brand more human –humanize your brand.

Here are four strategies to help you do just that:

1. Create an alter ego or brand persona for your brand. Your brand needs a human voice and a personality. It can be difficult to describe a logo or a corporate name as fun or inspiring. However, try creating an alter ego for your brand. It’s like a fictional representation of your ultimate client, the person who represents your brand. When you write down all the details about this person, don’t leave anything out (and no, this person isn’t you). These descriptions are called psychographics:

  • Who?
  • Name?
  • Clothing preferences?
  • Favorite foods?
  • Places they go?
  • Do they vacation?
  • Traditional or modern?

These questions will help you come up with a personality which will serve as your brand’s avatar. After this exercise, it will become a breeze to make decisions about your branding and marketing because you are clear as to who you serve.

2. Be mindful about automating social media posts. I’m a huge fan of Hootsuite. It takes a ton of the pressure off, letting you write and schedule posts in advance. You really don’t have to worry about empty newsfeeds, however, you can make the mistake of distancing yourself from your audience. Yes it’s time consuming AF, but take a minute to really engage and connect with the people who are also taking the time to engage and connect with you. I always compare social media to real life communication. How would you appear to a client who is literally staring at you through your storefront window, ready to come in and shop, yet you don’t open the door?

3. Engage. Don’t post and run. Engage, engage, engage. Have conversations. Ask your peeps questions. Did they like your post? Did it serve them? Did it suck? Show that you’re paying attention. It requires work, but the more you engage with your community, the more likely they’ll be to keep coming back.


4. Laugh a little. Humor has a way of breaking down walls which can help us bond. When you make your users laugh, you show them that you aren’t afraid to set aside the formal professionalism of your brand for just a moment to experience a human moment.

I could list a few more strategies and the ones above are intended to help you humanize your brand a little bit, however, there’s one more recommendation that only you can do yet will yield 1000% better results than any strategy I could list: be you.

When you sit to think about what to write on your social media posts, think and behave like a person. Ask yourself: How do you speak to people in your own life? Write in that way. Those answers should be what moves and directs your branding and marketing.


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