4 Ways to Get More Clients with Your Blog


Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that a business has to engage with customers and ultimately serve them better.

And, building a client-based business is not easy. If you’re spending hours every week on an activity that’s not bringing you quality leads, you’re making it harder on yourself than it has to be.

TRUTH: You’re keeping yourself from making money by wasting the most valuable resource that you have: your time.

If you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started. And here are 4 ways to spend your blogging time more wisely and productively:

1: Solve one problem per post.

High-paying clients tend to be busy so they’re willing to pay more to get things done because because A) they don’t have time to do everything themselves; and/or B) their time is worth a lot to them.

This means that they aren’t browsing the Internet searching for interesting blog posts to read and if they’ve made it to your blog, they’re probably looking for something specific.

So, give. them. what. they’re. looking. for. Make it easy for them to find.

If you solve 1 problem per post, your readers will be able to do a quick search, find the post that is relevant and find the answer they need. And you my friend, you want to be the person they turn to when they need something. This way, when they need something bigger than a blog post, your name is the first one that will come to mind.

When your clients think of you, you want them to think of how quick, smart, helpful, knowledgeable and to the point you are.

Most importantly, you want your clients to see how highly you value their time. Treat their time like the precious gem they believe it to be, and you’ll become a gem of a resource to them.

2: Speak your clients’ language.

Your client doesn’t know as much as you do about your area of expertise, hence why they need you.

If you’re talking about what they need in technical terms, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with the people who need you. Instead, write in the terms your clients actually use. Yeah, like use actual colloquial, every day terms.

Say your ideal clients are local businesses who want to use the Internet to expand their clientele. How do they describe their needs?

•“I need to learn how to install WordPress.”

•“I need to get a web designer, an SEO expert, and a social media consultant.”

•“I need to figure out this whole Internet thing.”

It could be any of these, of course. The key is to figure out how your ideal clients actually speak, so you can relate to them on their terms.

3: Tell your readers what to do next (and make it easy).

Your client shows up at your blog. She/he reads your post, loves your work and thinks you’re fabulous! Now what?

Are you telling your reader what to do next or are you just letting her/him wonder around, looking at all the things she might do:

  1. Go to your “Contact” page, fill out the form, and wait for you to call her back.
  2. Sign up for your e-mail list. You can sign up for mine HERE.
  3. Go to your “Services” page, find the relevant service, and pay for it using a Paypal button you conveniently placed at the bottom. Like my Social Media Strategy Book you can get right now ➡️ HERE!
  4. Call the phone number on your “Contact” page.
  5. Set up a free consultation.
  6. Download a free resource.
  7. Check out your “links you love” page.
  8. Read other posts on your blog. My blog template recommends these posts automatically.
  9. Leave a comment on your blog. I literally write this call to action at the end of every post.
  10. Join my FREE #BlogStar community ➡️ HERE!

How much time do you think your potential client will spend trying to figure this out?

Probably about as much time as you spent reading that list (which is not long).

Become your prospects’ guide instead of letting them stumble around.

At the end of every post, tell your reader exactly what to do next. Make it a simple, low-risk task that requires next to no thought. For example:

Click here and enter your e-mail to learn more about how [your great service] can help you with [their problem].

Then follow up with some useful information about your services and an invitation to talk by phone for a few minutes. Keep it simple.

4: Stop writing about yourself (or stop blogging).

Your blog shouldn’t be about you. It should be about your clients.

I’ll be the first one to contradict myself in telling you that what this means is that you can totally write about yourself but in a way that’s relevant to your potential clients.

Telling a story that helps potential clients understand your commitment to quality? Good.

Telling a story that helps potential clients understand what a PITA your kids can be sometimes, or how your last selfie doesn’t really capture your essence and that by the way you’re thinking of eating raw? Not so good.

Sharing details of your personal life can help potential clients know, like and trust you. That can be very powerful.

Oversharing, however is not interesting to your clients. The thing that interests your potential clients is how you can help them, and what you would be like to work with. Give them what they want.

If you can’t give potential clients what they want, stop blogging.

The bottom line is, if you’re spending several hours every week on a blog that doesn’t interest your potential clients, you’re not marketing. You’re either wasting your time or writing what should be a personal blog.

If you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to write about, you should probably be blogging less and talking with your potential clients more. Seriously. Just talk to them.

Offer a free consultation, spend some time helping them with their current issue, and then ask a few questions. See what comes up.

Talking (and listening) to people in your target market is the best way to generate ideas for your blog. It’s the best way to find out your potential client’s problems, concerns, and the language they use to talk about those things. Hence, why this post came up 😉

Are you blogging yet? Want to get started? If you have, is it working out for you?

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