3 Tips to Fall into Autumn with Ease

Summer is coming to and end, I can already feel the chill in the night air 🙂 It’s my favorite season!
The colors, my wedding anniversary and yes, the fashion. L.O.V.E. it!
You’re probably thinking…so what now? Before you run to a sale, shop in your closet first and take a look at what you have.
Follow these 3 steps to help you decide what you then may need in order to compliment your existing pieces:
1. Transition summer dresses into a fall outfit. Adding a sweater and boots to your look will allow you to brave the cool air.
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2. Look for pieces in the following colors: burnt orange, mustard, red, plum. Accessorizing in these colors is an easy and affordable way to bring in fall hues into your looks. Want an even easier alternative? Nail color in any of these colors is also an effective way to look on trend.
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3. I am a fan of jazzing up solid pieces with bold accessories, but don’t be afraid to express yourself. Consider mixing prints that clash and contrast as long as they are in the same color tones.
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I always tell my clients to not over think trends, they will pass. Choose what makes you feel comfortable. Keeping these tips in my mind will help you look current without breaking the bank.
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