3 Tips for Creating Fabulous Social Content


Is your social content shareable? Is it unique enough to stand out on all the saturated feeds?

Social can be frustrating, believe me I know. Not only do I do it for myself, I have to do it for clients whom I have to produce results for.

If you want to curate successful social content, here are 3 secrets to standing out:

1. Be the Insider.

So you’re at every event with every industry insider, and you are all sharing the same content. In order to beat the sea of camera phones, be creative. Take  a hand at capturing unique things and moments that others won’t be posting about. If you get to an event early, try sharing a backstage moment. I personally like to progress my social postings, from getting ready to go to an event, arriving at the venue, etc. I find my following really enjoys seeing the entire process. I encourage my clients to do the same as it creates a connection to theirs followers and it humanizes their brand.

2. Get rolling with your camera, but don’t rush.

Things move fast at some events and getting that one perfect shot can sometimes feel impossible. The only way to overcome it is by consistently taking pics. Even if you don’t think you need them, just take them.

And don’t rush. Take the time to edit an image, a caption…tell a story. The great thing about Instagram is that you can post about the things you did later and your audience will still be interested. The algorithm works in your favor.

3. Understand and own the uniqueness of each social platform.

Not everything is meant for every platform. Again, not everything is meant for every platform. I like to use Instagram more for business and Facebook for more personal posts. Understand who your audience is where and post accordingly. While pictures of my kids are cute, I know they perform better on Facebook, not so much on Instagram.

At the end of the day, social media is supposed to be fun. Don’t let it overwhelm you! There is no need to feel FOMO if you’re not posting every second. Plan out your strategy. Take your time and really focus on your content making an impact!


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