In Between

Drum Roll Please

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Many of us tend to see ourselves through other people’s eyes. In one way or another, virtually everybody craves being admired. We live in a meritorious, American-Idol-type society that celebrates others when they’re deemed exceptional. Insert cancel culture here when they’re not.

There will also be people who have benefited from you who will act like they ‘did it’ or ‘made it’ without you. Hence, why some of us can only feel good about ourselves when we put others down.

The reality is that some people who live with trauma have a limited capacity to connect with others. The reality also being that the disconnect has nothing to do with you.

We all want to hear a drum roll beating for us when we’ve done something well, demonstrated a skill or talent, behaved generously or selflessly.

We need to learn how to also play that drum roll -for ourselves.

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