In Between

You Are Not My Enemies But My Greatest Teachers

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To sadness
Thank you for allowing me to feel
And to be connected to all that surrounds me

To anger
Thank you for reminding me of my strength
And my capacity to defend myself
And speak up for myself and others when necessary

To fear
Thank you for alerting me to potential danger
And for caring about my safety and security

To guilt
Thank you for revealing to me
What is in need of changing, fixing and mending in my life
So that I may respond accordingly

To dissatisfaction
Thank you for empowering me
To grow and evolve
And reach for greater heights
Beyond what I could previously do or be

To confusion
Thank you for showing me
Where I am in need of gaining greater understanding and clarity

And to regret
Thank you for providing a roadmap
To redirect me toward a greater destination
Through showing me what I don’t wish to do or repeat.

I see now
That you are not my enemies
But my greatest teachers
Guiding, assisting and uplifting me.

By Tahlia Hunter