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Your Ego Is Crafty

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Why do some of the most intelligent people sabotage their own success? We all have an ego.
It’s made up of certain beliefs about our personality, talents, + abilities. Your ego, if left unchecked, can cause you to act out in ways that are uncharacteristic of who you believe yourself to be.
We’ve all reckoned with a bruised ego. We’ve all felt like a failure, embarrassed, withdrawn. We’ve stopped speaking up, avoided interactions with others, and quit taking on new responsibilities. In the end, only hurting our chances of advancing further in our lives or career.
Your ego is crafty. You don’t always know when it’s taken over.
Your ego can create an echo chamber. You might think you’re right, but if you’re the only voice speaking, who’s to say?
Instead of throwing walls up, consider what you stand to gain when you let yourself be vulnerable. When your defenses are up, it precludes learning + personal growth.
The ego often appears most strongly in situations where we stand to learn the most.