In Between

You Attract What You Are

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Finally decompressing after what has been a very busy few weeks in biz (still have a few more to go) + challenging on the personal front.

I looked up at the sky this morning + it’s beautiful hues of orange + purple, returning to my breath, I was reminded to be grateful for all of it.

When God brings you to it, He will get you through it.

Through @bellalatinamag + @ettwomen, I am fortunate to say that I have an incredible support system. People who go out of their way to make sure I am ok.

Thank you God for the gift that is to see another day. For the gift to create with REALLY GOOD people. For the gift that is to be who I am, to be loved, accepted, encouraged + supported. Can’t wait to navigate what else You have in the books for my life, even when I can’t see through the tears or fear.

You attract what you are. To be able to state that knowing it’s truth is one of my biggest blessings.

Keep it moving 🫶🏽