In Between

Tune In to the Life of Your Dreams

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Funny how our subconscious finds its way into our lives … yearnings, dreams, desires… they won’t let you go until you at least acknowledge them. The choice to take action is of course always yours.


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Even when things seem crazy, I pursue them if just to know that at least I gave it a shot…I have formal training in art, design, photography -among other skills I’ve pursued in my life 👩🏻‍🏫 a few months ago I had this pull to buy drawing materials… while working on our upcoming Mind, Body + Spirit issue, I had an epiphany yesterday morning about how the small steps I’ve been taking, on a whim or by gut feeling, have lead me to fully understand why I needed to create + direct this issue in the way it has been.
Transformation is a magical process.
I’ll share more on that when more is ready + for now I’ll leave you with this: The life of your dreams is possible. All you have to do is listen within ✨